Katie Mancher

graphic designer +

Divining Librarian  

interactive design

The library is a place of infinite knowledge. But books can contain answers to questions we never knew we had. Enter the library and ask your question about life or the future, and the librarian will deliver a response from deep within the stacks.

For this project, we were asked to create a persona and design from their perspective. I created the character of the Divining Librarian, and designed this interface that allows visitors to ask a question and have an answer delivered to them in the form of a quote from a book. I used p5.js to create the responsive graphics and pull quotes in response to users’ questions. I was interested in exploring the structure of code vs. the randomness of divining, and how an element of chance could be inserted in code with p5.js.

Ask the Librarian your question here.

Divining Librarian Divining Librarian Divining Librarian Divining Librarian
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